XMLTV Format

Our TV Listings are supplied in a format called XMLTV. The XMLTV Format is not associated to, or created by the makers of this website. For more information on the XMLTV Format please see the Project XMLTV wiki.

For information on the XML elements and attributes please view the XMLTV Document Type Definition (DTD).

XML TV Listings provides data for the following XML elements. Bold elements will always be included, all other elements are only provided when available.

<tv date="{Current Date}" source-info-url="http://www.tvmedia.ca" source-info-name="TV Media">
	<channel id="{Station ID}">
		<display-name>{Full Station Name}</display-name>
		<display-name>{Station Call Sign}</display-name>
		<display-name>{Channel Number}</display-name>
		<url>{Station Website}</url>
		<icon src="{Station Logo URL}"/>
	<programme start="{Start Time} {Timezone Offset}" stop="{End Time} {Timezone Offset}" channel="{Station ID}">
		<title lang="{Language Code}"> {Show Name} </title>
		<sub-title lang="{Language Code}"> {Episode/Movie Title} </sub-title>
		<desc lang="{Language Code}"> {Description} </desc>
		<category lang="{Language Code}">Show Type</category>
		<icon src="{Show Image URL}"/>
		<previously-shown />
		<premiere />
		<new />
			<value>{Viewer Rating}</value>
			<value>{Rating} / 5</value>