Accessing Listings

There are 3 primary ways to access our listings:

  1. The API
  2. XMLTV Grabber
  3. Direct Download
All methods are formatted in the XMLTV Format, with listing times in UTC.

NOTE: Before you can access listings you must add at least one lineup.


If you are a programmer we provide a simple API which you can use directly in your applications. The API is the main method for accessing listings, both the Direct Download and Grabber use it to generate their output.

For details on the API visit our API Docs.

XMLTV Grabber

We provide an XMLTV Grabber, which is a perl script that’s part of The XMLTV Project. You can download the latest version of XMLTV Project here and use the grabber called tv_grab_na_tvmedia.

For more information on using grabbers see the XMLTV Project wiki.

Direct Download

Finally we offer the option of downloading XML files directly from your dashboard. Simply press the download button beside the lineup you wish to download. Each XML file will include 7 full days of listings, starting from the current date.

Generally direct downloads are less useful than the API or Grabber because they must be done manually on a regular basis. However it can still be useful, especially for applications which have native support for the XMLTV format.